Vacay All the Way

For the entire week next week, I will be on vacation before i start with my new job (this is not yet confirmed as i have yet to talk to my soon-to-be-former boss) and I am actually planning out how i will spend it. You see, i am one of those who are not used to being idle so one week of not doing anything will probably make me all nuts (case in point: I’ve been on sick leave since yesterday and i am actually stopping myself from opening my office laptop to do some work).

So, here are my plans:

  1. Finish reading the Clapton book (over and above the new chicklit book i am also trying to finish).107
  2. Start reading (I have an active brain, so cut me some slack) “Do Travel Writers Go to Hell”, a book by Thomas Kohnstamm (my “long lost twin” who was sweet enough to send me a signed copy).
  3. Get myself reacquainted with my friend, San Miguel Light (it’s light beer here in the Philippines).
  4. Listen to the first leg of the 2008 Summer Tour that John Mayer has finished.
  5. Go to the beach (Laiya, San Juan, Batangas) — yeah, amidst the rains, I somehow managed to get included in a trip with fellow beach bums this weekend.scotty-Road-Journal-Header
  6. Finish reading Scotty Crowe’s Road Journal from 2001.


All this or just sleep on Sunday then wake up the week after.

A possibility, in my chaotic world.

update: my vacation hasn’t started yet but i was able to cross out some stuff. woah. i’m gonna have a boring week ahead of me!


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