If there’s a TV Network that should win an Emmy for not having any sucky shows…

It’s this:


(A cable network here in the Philippines carries it’s programs)

All the shows are so engaging (they all whet my palate, seriously) and quite interactive (let me get my hands on that cornbread that Cat Cora just made). I can watch any show in the Food Network all day, if only I had the time. But during those rare moments, I make sure that I tune in to learn new recipes (the thing is, I don’t cook), see the heavenly finished products and find out what’s up with my “TV friends”.

“TV Friends”? You might ask. Yup, let me introduce to you my so-called boob tube buddies:

  • There’s Rocco Dispirito , my TV lover (he had me at “Rocco”).
  • Tyler Florence, my McDreamy with a skillet (the hair, the hair).
  • Bobby Flay, who is my outdoor companion (he reminds me of Archie Andrews).
  • Nigella Lawson, my constant house mate (female curves are in!)
  • Giada De Laurentiis, my weekend trip girl friend (I am amazed by how her nails stay so neatly polished amidst all the cooking).
  • Ina Garten, the regular hostess (kudos to his husband as well – would love to visit them someday… in the Hamptons, natch).
  • Alton Brown, my nerdy, but funny, guest (the only person who convinced me that butter is one of the best inventions of man).
  • Mario Batali, my Italian tour guide (he makes orange crocs look cute).
  • And of course, there’s Mark Dacascos. Though not a chef, he deserves a special mention. He’s a fellow countryman, whom we all know will always reign supreme.

It is also good to note that if I had an annoying next-door neighbor in this fantasy cuisine-land of mine, it’ll be Emeril Lagasse. BAM!


Another reason why I love the Food Network… this is where I first heard my current favorite word: couscous.


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