this chace guy

On my last few days of corporate freedom, I am as bored as hell. So I bought all the DVDs I could get my hands on (there’s this great DVD store called Astrovision, which sells videos of various digital formats, including Blu-Ray) and I’m on my last show — Gossip Girl, Season 1.

The show had a slow start, but towards the end, the stories and the characters have become intriguing, dirty and somewhat hilarious (it kinda reminds me of The OC actually). I am amazed to find out that these kids can have adult issues — like manipulation, lying and scheming — 90210 circa 1990 is tamed compared to GG.

And of course, like in any TV show, I have a favorite hot cast member… and it’s this boy:

And he's only 21!
And he is only 21!

I am now, officially, a cougar.


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