A tribute…


There is a relative bright side to this. We have actually unzipped the seam on our little worlds wide enough to climb out and make sure others are okay. Many of us are meeting each other for the first time, and in the process of looking behind us at the deflating bubbles we’ve stepped out of, we have become astounded at how small and suffocating they really were. The air outside, though filled with dust and debris, is in some ways, infinitely more fresh than any we’ve breathed in our little worlds. Today we are giving knowing glances to strangers we gave only the middle finger to while driving in our little worlds on wheels last week. Last week. A lifetime ago. Last week, when we thought it was okay to say “Fuck you, buddy!” to a stranger, as long as we said “buddy”. That is the most beautiful irony I can think of. May our collective short attention spans never wind-sweep this sensitivity away!


– JM, September 2001


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