One of those Once-in-a-Blue-Moon Posts


I was trying to look for something to do as I wait for a meeting to start when my Creative Director suggested a few sites — fashionista ones, I must add — please understand that I am one of those women who are not into fashion as I think I would rather wear a blanket than buy something worth thousands of dollars.

But checking out the 2 URLs given to me, made me realize that money is not really necessary (but of course, having lots of those can be pretty wild) in order for you to be a fashionista. 

There’s this 15 year old girl who lives in New York and is actually living the New York way of life. Fashion-wise, she mixes and matches clothes, with large pieces of cloth. She finds ways to look really fashionable and elegant without having to buy branded, Sex in the City type of clothing. Her name is Arabelle, and her website is called Fashion Pirates.

My favorite looks:


Creativity that works!
Creativity that works.



So Harajuku, awesome.
So Harajuku, awesome.



 Then there’s Jane, a 16 year old girl from Texas, who puts teen fashion within the league of Carrie and friends, acquiring great clothes and shoes due to her great big wallet. Nothing bad with that. If you have it, spend it… but she’s the type of person that one loves to hate. She’s got everything, so she can never go wrong with what she wears. The good thing about her is that she carefully chooses her clothes, making sure that they are both fashionable and wearable. Indeed, a teenager with class. Check out her shoe shelves at Sea of Shoes.

My favorite looks:


Poncho, bunched up jeans and boots. I'm in love.
Poncho, bunched up jeans and boots. I'm in love.



The entire ensemble is something I would wear.
The entire ensemble is something I would wear.


Great tastes, varied resources, same degree of creativity. I may have a weird taste in clothes, but both girls gave me something to feel good about because apparently, I can still have a good eye for fashion (ha!)


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