My Horoscope

I stumbledupon this website that tells you what your horoscope says about you. Although I’m not a fan of these things, it amazes me how spot-on they can be. Note 6th sentence. Haha!


One thought on “My Horoscope”

  1. My mother went to a seance today. She was a bit skeptical but she’s in big grief after my stephfathers death.. So she’s trying every little thing to keep him “alive”..
    I followed her and when she came out an hour later and told me what the woman had said i almost DIED!!
    She had never met my mother, she only knew her name and BAM! She started to talk about my stephfather like she knew him! It was so scary, but still an awesome experience.. She talked about him as a person, about his disease… so cool! And then she talked about me and my brothers and when she came to my Brother “Fredrik” she said that he’s having trouble at work and that he’s very worried about it- ALSO TRUE!!

    Well.. i just got back and saw this post about horoscope.. didn’t meant for it to be so long! haha

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