It was just supposed to be an ordinary diving trip

And it turned out to be an adventure-filled weekend! The currents were strong so my Dive Buddy (who was a Dive Master) and I had to hold onto the sand bed and stay down so as not to drift away. We only found the rest of the group on the shore, because we got separated from them due to the current and the low visibility — so imagine how worried each of us were!

The sightings… since I didn’t have a camera, will just post some file photos from all over the net that represent how I saw them:

Blow Fish – Who knew that these cute little things are very poisonous?

Lion Fish – Beautiful, yet very dangerous. The awesome thing… we (DM Elmer and Jingle) saw it spread its nice skirt-like fins and swim away.

Titan Trigger Fish – They can knock you down like a seasoned boxer. It was right beside me and my Buddy (Elmer) while we feasted on the awesome sight in front of us.

Barracuda – They hunt their preys alone. But if you see a school, you’re safe. Good thing I didn’t know this fact when I saw it.

School of Jacks – Like the last time I saw them, they were putting on a magnificent show! They even swirled right in front of me. And the DM had to end it by swimming rapidly through it.

Moray Eel – Scary SOB!

Sea Slug – Cute purple thing was placed by my Buddy on my arm. CUTE CUTE!

And last, but definitely not the least… A 10-foot BABY WHALE SHARK! Now, these creatures are rarely seen in Anilao, where I dive, so much so that it has become an urban legend. They can grow up to 40 feet long and are found in this place called Donsol, way down south of the Philippines, so people had to visit that place in order to see one. Somehow, the planktons were abundant at this time in Anilao that they attracted a “visitor”. I was shocked! My divemates (only 3 of us saw it, Albert, Elmer and myself… and we all didn’t have cameras with us!) were laughing at me as they saw my eyes almost pop out! For a few seconds, I forgot to breathe.

To people who don’t believe that there are whale sharks that swim to Batangas… now I can tell you… YES IT’S TRUE.

What a weekend. Elmer signaled that I should write down my whale shark sighting on my log book… Guess what I did as soon as we got back to the resort?


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