BB King in Manila?

My sister placed a comment on my multiply site when I posted Mr. King’s official website… I’m 15 years too late.

do you know, about 15 years ago or more, BB King was in manila– he
went to the Philamlife auditorium, gave a free matinee show. it was
walking distance from UP-PGH and my apartment, so I walked there. they
didn’t advertise well, so there were only about 20 people! it was so
good and we all got to talk to him after the performance! I still have
his signed 33! I figured that would fetch a good sum one day!


One thought on “BB King in Manila?”

  1. I was looking at the date you posted this, which I think is about the time also that I got to watch him at the CCP Main theater, free, courtesy of a student (I work in school) who at that time works part-time in CCP as usher 🙂
    He was with other high caliber jazz performers…I still have to recall the names, though! congrats for the autograph!

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