“I like to”

Here’s how you do it.
Google your name + likes to enclosed in quotation marks.
Example: “Mel likes to”
Type in the first 10 things that come up and post 🙂

  1. agnes likes to flirt using her web cam – Well, I don’t even know how my webcam works
  2. Agnes likes to run with scissors’ URL – Who is Scissors?
  3. Agnes likes to be needed, as well as to cherish and protect her loved ones, of whom she is somewhat possessive.- This is true
  4. Another story Agnes likes to share is ‘Blackbird’s Red Breast’. – Blackbird’s what?!?
  5. Agnes likes to be entertained! – Of course! Who doesn’t want to be entertained?
  6. Agnes likes to do sport and this thing make some of her fans doing the same. – First, I don’t like doing sports and fans? What fans?
  7. Although primarily a watercolourist, Agnes likes to work in acrylic, oil, pastels and ink. – I can’t even draw a straight line, even with the help of a ruler.
  8. Miss Agnes likes to wear pants only is not the custom in Alaska. – I have nothing to say here.
  9. Agnes likes to submit him. – HAHAHAHAHA
  10. Although her kids work to support the family as well, Agnes likes to be in charge of feeding her brood. – Wait, what’s this? Martyrdom?

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