This could’ve been a nice ad

It’s a gatefold print ad, with the outer part of the fold showing this:

and when you open it, a more complex formula is revealed.

Nice. A milk brand shows that kids will be able to solve more complicated mathematical problems, as long as they are given the right stuff during their growing up ages. A unique ad from a growing up milk brand. If only…

the equation was correct!

9+5×2-(7×2) IS NOT EQUAL TO 14!!!!

If we go back to our basic arithmetic, the order of operations should be PEMDAS or “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” – Parenthesis Exponent Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction.

5=14! (I can now imagine my gradeschool math teacher getting all stressed up)

What a waste of space and ad monies. To think the ad was for a brand that promotes nourishing the brain, pursuing excellence. AND THIS WAS PUBLISHED IN A NATIONAL DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!



7 thoughts on “This could’ve been a nice ad”

  1. I blogged about this too…and another blogger reported that PDI account executive for the ad said that… It is apparently a marketing ploy and part of a series of ads until Sunday. Not sure if this is just a turnaround move on their part.

  2. a wise guy commented in one of the sites that linked to my blog post saying: “No mate, thumbs down to you. It may have been poorly written, but when you solve it, you do it this way – (9+5)2-(7×2)=14.”

    guess he didn’t exactly read my post in its entirety because if he did, he would stumble upon PEMDAS, google its meaning, then do his own computation. OR do a shortcut, google the equation, and voila, the answer pops up.

  3. Like most of you, I fired an e-mail to PDI pointing out the error and the impact it could have on kids the moment I saw the advert.

    But this morning, I was aghast at the full-page ad taken out by Enfakid spinning the obvious error they made. Come on, do these guys really think that we the readers are that stupid?

    Their spin that it was all a marketing ploy could have been plausible. But yesterday, Enfakid did the same style ad with the Triangle-Trapezoid thing. I don’t think that made the same “intentional” mistake on that one.

    Nice try… but we’re not stupid!

    It would have been better if they made a erratum. But then again, someone’s head might roll! Dou’p!

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