Lame Attempt

To save a company’s face amidst a huge advertising embarrassment.

See my post regarding the ad that has caused quite a stir in the industry, and among regular consumers in the recent days.

This is the first ad.

So today, the same milk brand came out with a similar ad, but this time obviously managing the errors they have made. They may deny it and say that the ads are part of a series, but any person, in his/her right mind, would know that human oversight, mathematical incapacity, damage control and cover ups are part of this set of ads that will haunt the milk company and its ad agency for a few days.

Fine! Blame the dad for the dud.


3 thoughts on “Lame Attempt”

  1. Yeah, check out their ads yesterday with the Triangle-Trapezoid thing. See if you could find the “intentional” error there.

    Suddenly, I’m seriously worried about my kids… they are Enfakid users! hahaha

  2. yeah, saw that too. probably a typo-error. you know, end of the day, these are all just attempts to market a brand. if I have a kid who drinks Enfakid, I wouldn’t be worried even if the ad sucks or there’s an error. Milk is milk. it provides the nutrients that he may need for his brain and body to develop. however, the milk in itself does not make the kid smart… it’s a combination of factors – genes, stimulation, proper nutrition, etc… If I were to look for a brand of milk to fill his nutritional needs, I would look at the ingredients and compare brands… see which one has the highest level of nutrients, including nutrients for the brain…. probably dha or iron? but more importantly, i’d spend more time with my kid and do brain stimulating activities.

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