Last week, I studied History…

and visited Intramuros. I saw (and somewhat witnessed) how the Philippines was in the hands of the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese.

It has proven to me that Manila has always been beautiful.

Even if it was just a little walled city a few hundred years back.

Protecting itself, ready to attack those who wanted to ruin it.

I got to know our national hero more.

One of the hundreds of people who died for our country…

His story,

His words,

His reasons.

How he spent his last night,

and his last hours.

I followed his steps…

…towards the freedom of his countrymen.

I walked the old streets.

and saw for myself how people were during those times.

I also studied religion…

The solemnity…

The richness

And the magnificence.

This is my country, my history, the reason why I am enjoying what I have now.

And I’m glad I took a peek.


2 thoughts on “Last week, I studied History…”

    1. Well, after reading all those books when I was in school (History as being part of the electives under my course), I think I’ll stick to visiting significant places (the last I visited was Dapitan, in Zamboanga del Norte, about 4 years ago). 🙂

      Admittedly, it’s been 20 years since I visited Intramuros. And I was completely amazed that this one small place, an hour away from my house, could tell me the story of the Filipino’s martyrdom under the 3 countries – something that other places couldn’t do.

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