Biggest Disappointment

This is one post that I struggled to write as this is something very personal. But a few hours ago, I had the biggest disappointment in my life when someone dear to me lied to me about… of all things… money. She said things to my sisters that were the total opposite of what she has told me, in the process, making me look bad. And when she heard me clarifying to everyone, she started screaming at me, denying that she told me stuff. She then said so many things, even threatening to do stuff to me, in front of my sisters and their families!

The sad part? This person is my mother. The nerve to look at me straight in the eyes and then lie to her teeth! My own flesh and blood.

This is one of those moments that I wish I had cigarettes with me.


One thought on “Biggest Disappointment”

  1. I empathize with you in this situation, if you don’t mind, I would advise you to try to contain your disappointment. She might be feeling embarrassed when you broached the subject in front of so many people. Let the hurt healed.

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