The best part of this weekend

Actually, the only good part (as I am sick and still bummed out), was the concert. He did a total of 30 songs (some were snippets of old tunes, some were covers). Can’t wait to download the tapes made by some of the people I’ve met in the forums.

It was a special show, and I’m glad to have heard it real time — thank goodness for the internet.

I liked Stop This Train, Vultures,  Belief with Inner City Blues, Hummingbird (drum machine was unique and brilliant), Comfortable, Free Falling, Something’s Missing, In Your Atmosphere, Wheel, Your Body is a Wonderland (seriously, he did a really really great take on the song) and Gravity.

I’m still trying to understand that Clarity + Lost (of Coldplay) cover with No Hook (a recorded Jay-Z track) mix. Who knows? Maybe I’ll like it when I hear it again.

jm-live5_3 Photo source:

A lot of the fans said that although the concert was good, it is not at par with the likes of the 1st Annual Holiday Charity Revue (“Where the Light Is” DVD), the 2008 Irvine concert last summer, Madison Square Garden in 2007, etc, but personally, this was an extraordinary show because I finally appreciated the “acoustic Martin and solo Gibson guitars John” that the world has come to know first (I was more of a fan of the relic Strat “Stevie Ray Vaughan-ish” John Mayer Trio and the John + Band gigs in the past).

And hey, this is the first JM show I’ve “attended” (again, thank you internet, you are a blessing), so I’m allowed to say that it was awesome.


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