I promised myself that I will not be the same…

I was a tough boss, not a slave driver, but more of a boot camp sergeant. I believed that the best way to train someone is to breathe down his/her throat and try to correct his/her innocent, inexperienced ways.

But that was a year ago.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

When I returned to mainstream advertising, I decided that in order for me and my team to survive this chaotic world, we have to make the atmosphere a little bit lighter. I decided to just patient with newbies, just tell them what to do, and trust them that they will do what is asked – the first step in training someone. So it was really fun and my stress level was not that high.

Well, that is, until one person topped my list of “subordinates who almost gave me a heart attack”.


In the last few days, my Senior Account Manager and I noticed that my Account Executive was having a hard time doing tasks if they are not given to her in detail or step by step. This was not really a big deal she was just getting used to a new culture.


Language barrier of some sort

Last night, I had to rush to my Client’s office for a meeting so I asked her to hand over some documents to my boss and tell him to bring it to a shoot the next day because the signatory must sign them asap. Now that was a simple task, right?

So this morning, I was in a bit of a panic since my Sr. AM couldn’t go to work due to a mild case of food poisoning, plus the fact that I had to rush on a project that is needed end of this day. I somehow did not really think of the task I gave my AE. I only remembered about it when my boss called me up to ask what time I can have the document delivered to the shoot, since the signatory had to leave before lunch. He left them on his desk after signing them, as requested. When I asked the AE what she did, she said — I left a note saying, “Hi! For your signature.”

I was miffed. Because of this one mistake, there was a chance that the documents will not be signed, so agreements will not be finalized, thus affecting production and clearances of the ad we were doing. One simple negligence to follow a simple direction could create a domino effect for this project. Plus it pissed me off that this was an unneccessary stress that I had to take care of over and above the other important things I had to do.

I gave her a piece of my mind and told her to do something to make sure that the documents will arrive the shoot venue before noon. She had a 10am meeting with Client, and the venue was about an hour away — but this was now her problem and she was tasked to solve it without my help.

But wait, there’s more…

She called up my boss and asked him to request from the Client that she let go from a meeting because she had to do something for a project that was not even assigned to her! The Client was furious!

After the meeting, she had about 30 minutes to have the contracts delivered when the shoot producer advised me to just send the documents to the signatory’s house since it was near our office. I tried calling the AE, but couldn’t contact her so I just sent her a text telling her to go straight to the office for new directions from me, since we were not sure if traffic was light, which can be unpredictable given the Christmas rush.

When I was already calming down from what has happened…

Lo and behold, she called me up to tell me that she is in the shoot venue and that the documents were signed by the signatory already… even adding that good thing she (signatory) was still around even if she was a few minutes late. When I asked her why she did not even answer my text and opted to go to the venue, because my boss told her that she can still make it to the shoot. Not even bothering to answer any of my texts and update me on things.

I’m not really sure how to react. Half of me is about to explode with anger, while the other half is nearing that point of fainting due to all the stress. But one thing is for sure, the old tough me will show itself to her as soon as she gets back from her little field trip

This just in.

She just sent me a text message saying that will just have lunch and will be back at 1:45pm. WTF. After I asked her to come here for us to talk, she decides to have lunch because her boyfriend is tired and has high blood, without even asking me if I am free at that time.

What a piece of work


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