Mommy Watch # 2

Since I’ve been having weird moments with my Mother lately, I decided to name my posts about her, “Mommy Watch”.

She’s at it again. This time, she became antagonistic with me when I asked her about the 10 cupcakes that she ate the last 2 days. Backgrounder: She’s a diabetic. She got all defensive and said that she didn’t want to waste food by letting it spoil. In the end, she told me to shut up, mind my own business because she bought the cupcakes with her own money. As expected:

1. She reacted violently (yep, she shouted insults at me)
2. It was all about money for her
3. She again, put me down
4. She sarcastically told me to tell my sister (who’s a doctor) about it

So after telling my sisters (they’re in the US), I told my aunt (hoping that she will tell the other relatives about it).

The thing about my mom is that she has this habit of lying to people, at the expense of her kids (believe me, the money incident I had with her in the US is nothing compared to what she has done to my sisters), I’m sure, she’ll come up with stories and lies about me as soon as she’s confronted by my aunts about the cupcakes.

Sad that I’m on the verge of giving up on her because I’m gradually getting paranoid on what she’s capable of doing to me.


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