Stand By Me

How’s this for impromptu? Not bringing his own electric guitar never stopped John from getting up on stage to perform with a friend.

Here you’ll see him using a left handed guitar while, in fact, he’s right handed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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5 thoughts on “Stand By Me”

  1. Even though the knobs are upside down, what realy matter is the strings, and as far i can tell, theyre in the standard way, so i thinks its a left handed guitar convertet to right hand
    oh, and im a player 😉

  2. That’s a leftie Strat strung right (upside down). It changes the length and tension of the strings so that though they are tuned the same, they have different tensions resulting in the low strings being tighter (meaning punchier), and the high strings being slightly more slack, resulting in easy bends and a darkening of the stratocaster’s traditionally bell-like treble.

    In addition to this, the flip changes the position of the bridge pickup, a reverse staggering, further mellowing the normally razor sharp sound from the bridge position.

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