Calling You

Still here at Jeff Buckley land.

Another song that I like is his cover of Jevetta Steele‘s “Calling You” which is part of the “Live at Sin-e’ (Legacy Edition)” and the “WFMU Faucet Music” CDs. Based on some information that I got via the net, this is one song that he loved covering during his live shows. If you’ve heard the original version (try LastFM or iLike), you will be amazed with Jeff’s rendition.

As for me… Everytime I listen to it, I get blown away.

Here’s a Daily Motion video featuring the said tune.

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2 thoughts on “Calling You”

  1. Absolutely amazing. I just can`t believe how perfect this performance is. He is a man i truly admire. This is and amazing song, but Buckley makes it his own, just like every cover he does. He was truly unique, and i, to this day, still can`t realize the fact he`s dead. When i heard he`d drowned, back in `97, i was like hit by a bus.

    The only way to keep him alive is to listen to his music EVERY DAY UNTIL WE DIE, and tell your kids about him, he`s one man that MUSTN`T be forgotten. He is an inspiration, and the “Live at Sin-é [Legacy Edition]” album is really a musical phenomenon.

    I miss you Jeff. Every day…

  2. I love his covers… actually, I love everything he played… and as a “new” fan (I was a fan too late), I have this strong urge to let his music be heard by other people — it’s the least I can do (“I don ‘t really need to be remembered – I hope the music’s remembered.” – he said this in an interview which was featured onthe BBC Documentary.)

    He was a brilliant, brilliant musician, and he needn’t worry because his legacy will remain.

    I would’ve loved to have gotten to know more about him when he was alive, but because his music is still around, I was able to get a glimpse of how it was when he used to just go up on stage at Sin-e’ and do what he liked best.

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