Sunday Music Fest

It is not uncommon that a Jeff Buckley fan will encounter difficulty in acquiring songs that are not found in any of his albums. And for years, people would treat this exciting, and sometimes frustrating, task as a scavenger’s hunt (or to quote a friend of mine, “it’s like searching for the Holy Grail“). Well,  I am now an owner of rare Jeff Buckley tunes, and I’ve decided to single out the best ones.

*At the end of this post is a link where you can listen samples of the songs .

1. “All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun” (duet with the Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins)

People are clamoring for a commercial copy of this song because of its sheer beauty and simplicity. I’ve actually lost any hint of hope, as this song was recorded in 1994 and will probably just be an unreleased demo in the Buckley Estate vault.

However, my faith in the internet did not disappoint me since there is a live version available (read: Australian bootleg) and a video uploaded in YouTube that gave me peace of mind.

…when will you weep for me sweet willow?

2. “Jolly Street” by Jazz Passengers (guest vocalist)

Yes, a jazz song… and it’ll take any Jeff Buckley fan’s breath away. This is another display of his versatility as a songwriter and singer, penetrating even a realm totally opposite than that of rock music.

No YouTube video for this one, unfortunately.

3. “So Real” (acoustic version)

I wasn’t really a huge fan of this song because it’s scared the hell out of me (dunno why – probably because of the video), but when I heard the version which was earlier released in Japan, and later included in one of posthumous albums, I’ve suddenly warmed up to it.

4. “Beneath the Southern Cross” (by Patti Smith)

One can never go wrong when it comes to Patti Smith and any song of hers will totally end up in my playlist. But, the thing is, having Jeff as the guitarist, on a track found in her critically-acclaimed album I might add, is still an added treat.

Here’s the live version (minus Jeff):

5. “Just Like A Woman” (Bob Dylan cover)

Jeff initially released a live version (which he performed at Sin-e’) via a 4-track CD-sampler, and that alone is amazing. However, an outtake meant for the album “Grace” (he decided not to include this song – maybe because it seemed out of place in the final track list) has been making its rounds in the rare section of various commercial MP3 sites for people to enjoy.

6. “Faith Salons” by Brenda Kahn (guest guitarist)

This is more of a spoken word tune. I’m not really into these types of recordings so I was initially skeptical in purchasing the CD, but when I found out that some singing lines were injected in the material, I became another happy Amazon customer.

For the samples, visit my iLike playlist.


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