One of those KABOOM! posts

Mayer is on a roll and has written something less vulnerable, less open, yet very strong, in his blog site (kinda skeptical on that “he has written” part – but what the heck, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt). Although it may seem that he had a lot to say, and yet had minimal words used, I found his entry rather refreshing… maybe because it was something I, myself, could relate to (minus the “developed artist”).

The great thing about is that after internalizing what he has said, I had an urge to to give him a standing ovation.


I don’t want a developed web site right now. I’m not a developed artist. I mean, I was. three times now.

But to evolve you have to dismantle, and that means accepting the idea that nothing you’ve created in the past matters anymore, except that it brought you here.
To pick up your new marching orders.

I want to use a blog to truly tell you who I am.
I don’t want to link to someone else’s culture,
like a titanium dinette set with chairs that look like little tables and a table that looks like a giant chair.
That says nothing about me that I want you to know.

I want you to learn about me through the process of writing, recording and producing my fourth album.

I want to host an Open House for bright things and dark things, for lame jokes and sad chords, and for melodies that lift me off the ground.

I want to be less fun at parties, and find it hard to meet new people.
I want to be happier in the house than out of it.
I want to be fearless and remember not to compromise a thing, until the work is done and it’s time to shorten it for the radio.

I want to be myself and shut the rest out. Except for the people I love. (This means you.)

Two things I’ll be acknowledging more from now on…
1.Thank you.
2.I am lucky.

I’m writing my Battle Studies.
And this time you’re coming with me.

He then posted a photo (I think there’s some sort of revision being done on his sight, so that he can add photos to a stream), with the caption, “Never Too Young”. It showed VHS tapes of a few children’s videos.

Will not really interpret what he meant, mainly because I’m bad at it.

The entry is entitled “Battle Studies Mid-Action Report”, obviously linked to a quote he posted a few months back (from the book “Battle Studies” by Ardant Du Picq):

“There is danger in theoretical speculation of battle, in prejudice, in false reasoning, in pride, in braggadocio. There is one safe resource, the return to nature..”

At the end of the day, as far as I’m concerned, whoever/whatever he may want to be, as long as he continues making great music, I’ll definitely fight the battle with him.

I’ll be waiting for LP4…

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