My Favorite Albums (For Now)


I also decided to make an iTunes “widget” of my favorite albums (yeah, I’m bored). note that my taste varies from time to time, so what you’ll see here are my choices for now. On the left side you’ll see my selected songs per album (had to do it, or else my cover art will not look nice).

  1. “80” by BB King and Friends
  2. “As the Music Plays” by Bamboo
  3. Euphoria Morning” by Chris Cornell
  4. “Rocket House” by Chris Whitley
  5. “Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo
  6. “Everyday” by Dave Matthews Band
  7. Live at Luther College” by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
  8. “The Bittersweet” by David Ryan Harris
  9. Life for Rent” by Dido
  10. “Wee Small Hours” by Frank Sinatra
  11. “Live at Largo” by Glen Phillips
  12. The Road To Escondido” by JJ Cale and Eric Clapton
  13. For New Orleans: A Benefit For The Musicians’ Village Habitat For Humanity” by Various Artists
  14. Grace” by Jeff Buckley
  15. “Live at the Knitting Factory” by Jeff Buckley
  16. “Live at KROQ” by Jeff Buckley
  17. Live at Sin-e’ (Legacy Edition)” by Jeff Buckley
  18. “The Rare Tracks” by Jeff Buckley
  19. Continuum” by John Mayer
  20. Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007” by Eric Clapton and Friends
  21. “John Mayer: On His Own (2nd Annual Holiday Charity Revue)” by John Mayer
  22. Where The Light Is:John Mayer Live In Los Angeles” by John Mayer
  23. “Stand, Grip, Throw” by Sandwich
  24. Love Mysterious” by Kaskade
  25. Different Strokes by Different Folks (Tribute to Sly and the Family Stone)” by Various Artists

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