Reliving his Legacy

I was able to watch some parts of the soon-to-be released Jeff Buckley documentary entitled “Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley“. The film revolved around various aspects of Jeff’s short life that his fans already know of – how he started, his career, his journey to self-fulfillment, his death and his influence as told by the people he has left behind.

Honestly, I think I’m one of a few who will be lining up to get the DVD once it’s released, because the snippets alone gave me a glimpse of how it was to be able to “experience him”. I saw the legacy that he, for sure, wanted us to live by. It was like traveling with him and his loved ones as he perfectly shared his gift to those who mattered.

Before I knew it, the short promo ended and I was already in tears, not because he is gone, but because of the way he continues to connect with people like me —  almost 12 years after his death.

Click the photo to visit the film
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