Local Music News: February 12, 2009


Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist-Composer Gary Granada has been battling a major network’s supposed “basic structure” use of a jingle he submitted to them (as a comprehensive study). The network eventually disapproved the said comp and called in another composer to work on the project. When the TVC aired, Granada was surprised to find distinct similarities between the final music and the one he sent.

Naturally, Granada called the attention of the network, but probably due to their “inability” to address the concerns raised, he took the route that drew attention to his issues – he used the internet. Via e-mail, he explained in detail (even attaching audio files of the ad and his work for comparison) how a major media giant “took advantage of his composition”.

I’m not really an expert when it comes to music rights, but since I’ve worked on royalties for some of the ad jingles in the past, these are the things I know:

  1. A comprehensive study is still owned by the creators, and contracts between clients and suppliers/freelancers normally stipulate that intellectual properties or material ownership by the payees only cover the final materials produced.

  2. If the artist was paid for the song he/she made for a specific project, “rights to use the work produced” is different from “complete ownership”. The latter requires the creator to waive his rights/royalty/name over the song.

Maybe this was where Granada was coming from.

The publicity that surrounded this situation finally resulted to reactions from those who matter: The Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and the network. At least, his argument is finally being noticed.

The question is: Were the official statements enough?

FILSCAP released a letter saying that it fully supports Granada, one of its members, and his fight for his rights. I’m just wondering, though, how it is supporting the 2nd composer tapped by the network… since she is also a member of the said organization.

The network retaliated and replied to the FILSCAP letter saying that the case should be between Granada and the 2nd composer, and the organization should look into that instead. I’m not privy into the legalities that cover this case, but isn’t it logical to question the company who did the hiring/tapping?

I may be wrong, you know, so all I can do, really, is to just ask questions.


  1. Sheena Easton is having a show tonight in Manila. I felt my hair being teased, my shirt being cut to midrib and it’s neckline falling down past one of my shoulders.

  2. The Annual Philippine International Jazz Festival will be launched tomorrow, and will end in a big show on March 4. Local artists (line up includes Bembol Rockers, Nyko Maca and Sinosikat?) will join forces with international acts like Hiromi’s Sonicbloom, Spyro Gyra and Chieko Fukuda for this much-awaited-by-true-jazz-music-fans showcase of great talents.


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