Retail Therapy

While there are people who need to do extraordinary things for some therapy, I just go visit any of these 3 stores.




This is a new discovery of mine. My mom and I went to one of the depots near our house because we needed to buy tiles for our bathroom. But due to the variety of home builders materials, and how they were showcased via showrooms and wall decors, we’ve practically drawn up a design for each of the rooms in our house, while, in reality, we were only there to get 12 pieces of ceramics.




Not because of the books, but because of my undying love for office supplies.




My favorite of all, this is what I can call paradise.The Bonifacio High Streets branch is actually one entire building of pure literary bliss. There are a lot of titles to choose from, some of which are hard-to-finds. They have a section for Neil Gaiman books, another for musical autobios, Princess Diana tributes, foreign magazines, children’s activities, a “Twilight” tweens floor, a coffee shop, and one entire floor of rare CDs and DVDs.

“You know, I could live here in the ‘Rock Icons’ area, with Clapton, Cobain, the Beatles and Hendrix“, I once I told my Dad, when we were there for our new supply of books. I believe he just chose to ignore me.


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