Making A Difference: Saving the Gentle Creatures

Since I’m in this phase in life where in I am trying to convince myself that there are still a few good people on earth, I’ve decided to start posting true stories proving to me that this world could be a better place.



This past week, hundreds of melon-headed dolphins appeared on the beaches of Bataan, Philippines, shocking the folks who were just supposed to go on with their day of taking care of their fishing tasks. While there were only 3 of these creatures that went to the shore, the rest could be found crowding the waters a few meters away. No one could explain what made them appear, but according to some witnesses, they looked disturbed, as they were all restless and obviously panicking.


5 dolphins, unfortunately, died due to drowning.

The rest of them survived, and, well… this was when a difference happened.

When the townsfolks realized that this rare occurrence threatened the lives of the animals, everyone, men and women, young and old, dropped everything and ran to the water to calmly assist each and every mammal within reach, while marine officials and veterinarians tried to rescue the ones that were already in danger.


People started hugging the dolphins and soothing them with whispers of, “Go on, everything will be alright”, “Don’t worry, we’re here for you” and “Don’t be afraid”. This action helped stop any other beaching incident which could occur that day.


Fishermen, whose only means of livelihood was to catch edible fish everyday, brought out their boats and led the freed ones back to deeper parts of the ocean. A few boats, on the other hand, could also be seen stopping a pack from going back to the shore.



The freed dolphins have now returned to their homes while those that needed more attention are now recuperating well in various marine centers within the vicinity.

Photos courtesy of: AFP, Reuters, CNN, AP and Telegraph UK


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