Remember the days when one needs to have a secret compartment inside his room in order to store his personal journal/diary? Paranoia would normally hit the person if he realizes that he has left his little notebook lying on his bed, close to believing that there was an existing society out to get it no matter what it takes – and eventually spread his deepest darkest secrets, intriguing opinions and real feelings to those who matter.

Well, I didn’t really get that “Dear Diary” hullabaloo in the beginning – why would you write down a secret of yours anyway? And I am actually more comfortable in voicing out my feelings and opinions….

In the recent years, though, I saw the value of having a personal hand-written journal. I tried blogging everything that was inside my head and heart, but for the life of me, after reviewing things I’ve written in the past (around 2005, I think), I felt pathetic and petty… not to mention embarrassed, because it was like creating a slide show of ALL THE THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO ME. So, a couple of years ago, I decided to be old-fashioned, opened a blank notebook and started doodling. I began writing poems, drawing stupid-looking graphics, pasting clippings and photos and just went all out as far as my thoughts were concerned. I realized then that keeping a diary was the best ever therapy a person could have without having to justify anything.

I just had this great realization the other day when I bought a new notebook, my 4th since the time I opened my first set of blank pages. My maturity is also evident on the type of notebook I buy: I’ve graduated from Mead to Moleskin. 😀 I just like how my pen glides smoothly on the Moleskin leaves. It makes my handwriting look less calligraphic.

Anyway, people who know me might be surprised that I still have my notebooks over and above my blog sites. But if they review the things I’ve written on the net, they will find out that I just use my sites for photos, music reviews/news, current events and more importantly, my thoughts on the surface (that would always be subject to any kind of interpretation if the reader had nothing else better to do with his time). I like it that way. leaving everyone hanging, or die thinking of what I meant in my posts. Sorry WordPress, Multiply and Tumblr, but that’s all you are – the surface of me… you are nothing compared to my Meads and Moleskins.

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