Retail Activity Week: Fixtures, Food and Furniture

The past week consisted of:

1. Bathroom # 2 tiles and fixtures

2. Food Food Food!

3. Home interior decors

As I continue to cope with my unexpected hiatus, I’ve been accompanying my mom as she does her usual stuff, and by golly, she has it good.

We went to Rey Marketing, a wholesaler for home building (just like Wilcon, but I little bit cheaper) for wall tilings, floor tilings, listels, enclosures, heads, lavatories brackets and bars. Ok I think I now have bathroom-stuff-overload.

Tiles forever.

And they sell other items too.

We also went to the 8th Philippine Food Expo over at SM Megamall to try out some of the regional delicacies being sold/exhibited. By the time we got to the very last booth, we were so full and very satisfied.

I was hoping a cooking demo would happen.

My shopping bag.

Various Chinese street food.

How to make a Chinese lumpia.

Delicatessen from the North.

Sticky rice snacks (Suman)

A variety of coco vinegar variants/flavors.

The world-renowned Mama Sita’s.

The ingredients of a Filipino summer favorite: the Halo-Halo

Lastly, we visited my Mom’s favorite place, Tiendesitas, to check out antiques and vintage collectibles. Sometimes, that place (actually it’s an area within Tiendesitas) because of the dark wood, the huge statues and the fact that the items are old/full of history.

This wooden chair can give the Lazy Boy a run for its money.

Amazing Thai woodworks.

Lamps, vases and mirros. This store is fabulous.

I think this is a wall decor. It’s huge that it instantly caught by attention.

Asian pond/pool fixtures.

These are Muslim chests, take note of the intricate designs.

Antique collection is like living a Bohemian life, I tell you.

This makes my “vacation” worthwhile.

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