I have reunited with WLW

Windows Live Writer – “Reunited and it feels so good…”

This is one application that made me decide to go and get a Windows-powered computer.

To illustrate:

I can put watermarks and shadows on my photos…



Place ‘em on photo frames (with place captions)…



…without having to open another program.

How about throwing in the latest feed regarding the new Jeff Buckley documentary (it’ll be released sometime this year, I hope)…

Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley

Happy New Year and many thanks to those of you who wrote to us this past year inquiring about the status of our DVD release. It took most of 2008 to right our licensing issues, and now we’re simply waiting for Columbia Records to decide upon a new release date.
Please sign up for our […]

…from the official website (click on image to take you to the site)


Here’s a snippet from the video,


and a quote.

You can do all these in one window.

Yep, even incorporate Zemanta!

That’s the kind of blogging I like.

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