“Last Goodbye” version worth mentioning

Last week, on my way to my family’s farm, I was listening to the soundboard recording of Jeff Buckley’s Glastonbury Festival 1995 performance, and since it was my first time to really concentrate on each of the songs, I never noticed before how perfect he sounded that day.

One song that took my breath away was “Last Goodbye”. Now, as I’ve mentioned over and over again, I like this song whether live or studio-recorded, but it’s the Glastonbury version that I absolutely adore. As in any Jeff Buckley live show, his emotions were in the song – he went all-out, all-heart, raw, pure… everything.

Listen to it for you to understand when I say that my heart would skip a beat whenever I get to this part:

Why does she call me when she knows what it does to me?

It somehow summed up what the song really was about, and what any broken-hearted person feels. I love it. It makes me wanna turn back time, go to Glastonbury and ask Jeff if he was alright.

Where’s the full vid of this concert???

Speaking of vids, he did the same version during his concert in Chicago. Not as awesome as his rendition during the festival, but at least it’ll give you an idea.

FYI, if you want the cleaned up studio version (but with the additional lyrics), you can find it in the “Eternal Life” EP (and I must say, it’s still not that magical).


Sweet Oblivion

I am fuel, you are friends

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