Sunday Playlist: Tribute to Jeff

I’ve been working on completing my “Jeff Buckley Tribute Songs” playlist and based on my numerous sources, there are quite a lot (whether it’s a direct tribute to him or was just inspired by him)! Here’s the partial (I heard there were at least 51 songs) list, with some of the songs I’ve already acquired:

  1. A Body Goes Down – Duncan Sheik
  2. Blind River Boy – Amy Correia
  3. Wave Goodbye – Chris Cornell
  4. Memphis – PJ Harvey
  5. Valley of Sound – Heather Nova
  6. Trying Not to Think About It – Juliana Hatfield
  7. Boys on the Radio – Hole
  8. Just Like Anyone – Aimee Mann
  9. In a Flash – Ron Sexsmith
  10. New Blood – Beth Wood
  11. By Yourself – Sister 7
  12. Grace – Rachel Sage
  13. On the Road to Calvary – Willie Nile
  14. We Don’t Know – Health & Happiness Show
  15. Swimming – Chris Taylor
  16. Grace – Three Against Four
  17. One Last Good Bye – David Linx
  18. Rilkean Heart – Cocteau Twins
  19. Bleed – Ours
  20. As I Wander – Ours
  21. Song for a Dead Singer – Zita Swoon
  22. From Grace – Thomas Dybdahl
  23. Memphis skyline – Rufus Wainright
  24. Bandstand in the sky – Pete Yorn
  25. Feel The Quiet River Rage – Live
  26. Gorgeous – Kashmir
  27. Eternal flame – Joan as Police Woman
  28. Flushed Chest – Joan as Police Woman
  29. Valley of Sound – Heather Nova
  30. Tides of the Soul – Elysian Fields
  31. Half- Gifts – Cocteau Twins
  32. Teardrop – Elizabeth Fraser/ Massive Attack
  33. Somebody Leave a Light On – Dayna Kurtz
  34. Shiver – Coldplay
  35. You Were Right – Badly Drawn Boy
  36. Where All Roses go – Anuna
  37. Messiah – Brenda Kahn
  38. Light – Brenda Kahn
  39. Hunger – Brenda Kahn
  40. Mississippi – Bob Dylan
  41. Gracing Wolf River – Flection
  42. Live in Blue Sparks – Rebecca Moore
  43. To the Sea – Mark Eitzel
  44. Neath the Beaches – The Frames
  45. Except for the Ghosts – Lisa Germano
  46. Grey Ghost – Mike Doughty

And for this past Sunday, here are my picks (“Rilkean Heart” is included but since I’ve already singled out this song a few posts back, I decided not to mention it here anymore):



by Duncan Sheik, “Humming


Cover of This may probably be the most popular tribute song to Jeff. Duncan decided to create this track as a send-off to a musician who has inspired him. He was one of those people who was moved and greatly affected by the death of his musical influence.





Speed on to the next life . Better I’m sure by far

Orpheus driven . Treasures given

Heal the most broken of hearts. Speed on, speed on, speed on…




by Badly Drawn Boy, “Have You Fed the Fish?”

This is not really a tribute, tribute, but Jeff’s name was mentioned in the lyrics. I like the song, with or without the JB influence.







I remember doing nothing on the night Sinatra died.

And the night Jeff Buckley died,

And the night Kurt Cobain died,

And the night John Lennon died.



by Chris Cornell, “Euphoria Morning

Euphoria Morning album coverJeff’s good friend, Chris Cornell, made a song right after he passed away, obviously wanting to say so many things to him, but losing that chance now that he’s gone.







When you miss somebody…

And everything of beauty that you see, only brings a tear




by Heather Nova, “Siren

Jeff’s songs can really make an impact to the listener. She wrote this song after attending a JB concert which moved her to tears.







I love, I love, I love the look in your trespassed eyes

I love, I love, I love the way you can make me cry.




by Juliana Hatfield, “Please Do Not Disturb EP”

Juliana was a friend of Buckley, even touring together once. The song, my favorite tribute track, is a very realistic, personal take on how people react when someone dear to them passes away.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any web video for you to appreciate it.






I don’t know where you are, everything is wrong. So I’m trying not to think about it.


by Mark Eitzel, “The Invisible Man

According to Mark, the song is “About a singer/songwriter and the story I heard of his untimely death, and how most people reject his kind of purity”. Ok apparently, there are no lyrics available online and I’m not really that good in transcribing, but from what I know is this is a song on how he, Mark, feels about Jeff (there was some sort of attraction, based on some accounts) upon seeing him in NYC one time, and how he, at that moment, just dismissed it.

Also love this song… and I couldn’t find any video online.



I was just busy running, running from your beauty. Some run from the devil. Some from their own history. Some run from their hopes. And some run to the sea

Stupid don’t you agree?

I agree.



by Mike Doughty, “Haughty Melodic

Like any artist-friend who was affected by Jeff’s passing, Mike Doughty raved about him, saying that he has “the effortless ability to become a myth, a legend.” In his official blog, Mike mentioned, “God bless him–and us, for having briefly shared the world with him–but his songwriting, in general (to me) just wasn’t as strong as his ability to get inside somebody else’s songs. But however transcendent his version of "Hallelujah" might be, there was no way he was going to put out an album full of ’em–there’s no dough in it, and even geniuses have landlords.”




Sleepy-eyed the man is wading out into the night, singing ‘don’t fall through the stars’.



by Pete Yorn, “Live From New Jersey

This was written the day Pete learned that Jeff died. Instead of an ode to him, it was more of an interpretation of what was inside Jeff’s mind on his way to the river that killed him.

In the live CD, he dedicated the song to Jeff before the performance.





You can take my life, but I’ll never die.

You can tell that’s the way I’ll survive.


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