How to stop those prank text messages 101

A month ago, I posted a note on my Facebook page that people found hilarious. I got to see it again when my sister decided to re-post it on her page.

I’ve paraphrased it (changes and additional info in italics) for my non-Tagalog-speaking readers.

February 7, 2009

I’ve been receiving text messages from a number which is not registered in my phone book. Obviously, this person was a prankster since she/he was texting me stuff that I didn’t understand.

Here are some of those confusing messages (note: I got to speak with some friends after I’ve posted this and they gave me their interpretation of these Tagalog shorthanded messages):

"mowning ti2 c band0l.2.ah."
"uzta n.enan"

A few hours ago, this person called. When I answered my phone to finally find out who this good-for-nothing amoeba was, he said, "Hi". When I asked who he was, he kept on saying, "Hi". All my questions were answered with, "Hi".

After ending the call, I got another message (note: again, shorthanded Tagalog message which, up to this day, baffles me):

"Tga poh.kau ha."

Since I currently have some sort of bottled up anger, I decided to release it by channeling it towards this scumbag. So I sent him this (note: it was in Tagalog, so I’m putting the English translation here):

Do you want me to finally find out your name, where you live, where your family is, what you are doing now , what you wearing and what you ate last night? Go on, text me again”

He never answered back.


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