Sunday Playlist: Cover Songs

Since I didn’t have any theme in mind, I just decided to listen to artists that LastFM recommended to me, based on my preferences and online library. Eventually, it led me to these wild and phenomenal covers:


Artist: R.E.M.

Song: “There She Goes”

This is a cover of a Velvet Underground song which R.E.M. recorded between 1981 and 1986.


Artist: Radiohead

Song: “Tell Me Why”

Thom Yorke et al performed this Neil Young classic in 2008, during their concert at the Hollywood Bowl.


Artist: Dave Matthews Band

Song: “Money”

Let me quote a comment that I found in YouTube:

Dave Matthews Band playing a Pink Floyd song…. I thought this only happened in dreams? Is Tim playing Hendrix’s guitar? No? Too much? hah this is so freakin badass.


Artist: Chrissie Hynde

Song: “I Shall Be Released”

She performed this song during the Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration in 1992. At 3:27, you’ll see a young Sheryl Crow singing with the back-up choir.


And while we’re at that topic…


Artist: Sheryl Crowe

Song: “Mississippi”

Ok, this one may be a bit confusing… Bob Dylan recorded this song, which he wrote, in 1997, for “Time Out of Mind”. He decided to take it out of the track listing and offered it to Sheryl, who did an acoustic version for her 1998 album “The Globe Sessions”. He eventually rerecorded it for 2001’s “Love and Theft”.


Artist: Patti Smith

Song: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

She recorded the Nirvana anthem for “Twelve”, an album she released in 2007. Her acoustic take made the words easier to comprehend (no offense to Kurt Cobain and his estate).


2 thoughts on “Sunday Playlist: Cover Songs”

  1. Great finds — these are awesome covers. You should probably listen to Van Atta High’s cover of “Afternoon Delight” too — it rocks!

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