Loved Tracks

If you are a LastFM user, then you’re familiar with the “Love Track” button. For those who have yet to discover LastFM: members can listen to recommended songs randomly generated based on their profile. Then, they have the option to tag the ones they like and include them in their personal library. I’ve been taking this route lately because I’m on the lookout for additional tunes for my player.

Here are some of my recent picks (that are all, coincidentally, under the folk music genre):


Song: “Naked As We Came”

Album: “2005-06-11: Bonnaroo Festival, TN, USA”

Artist: Iron & Wine


Song: “Gypsy”

Album": “Solitude Standing”

Artist: Suzanne Vega


Song: “The City”

Album: “Only Four Seasons”

Artist: Joe Purdy


Song: “Skipping Stone”

Album: “Supply And Demand”

Artist: Amos Lee

(Sad that the only video that I could post here doesn’t do any justice to this beautiful song)


Song: “Ghosts”

Album: “Ghosts”

Artist: Mark Geary


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