Error Messages Have Never Been This Cute

I have never received an error message from Twitter. The worst I’ve experienced were short delays in receiving Tweets. That should be good, right?

Yeah, except I’ve been wanting to encounter this:

Meet the FailWhale.

It was meant to be a simple, yet cute, way of saying “HOLD YOUR HORSES GUYS!”

But now, it has become a brand on its own, adding on to the popularity of Twitter.


There’s the FailWhale Store:


The FailWhale Fan Club:


The FailWhale Fan Art:


The FailWhale Facebook Page


Even the FailWhale Twitter:


I think this is the only webpage glitch that people clamor for.

Kudos to Twitter for the ingenuity. This definitely deserves a toast…

Care for a FailWhale Martini?



For those who are curious:


Whale cartoon was designed by Yiying Lu of Australia


Error Message name was first coined by Nick Quaranto



One thought on “Error Messages Have Never Been This Cute”

  1. Wow! I got this message just the other day. I had no idea it had such a following. They mentioned the Fail Whale in a video animation I watched the other day but I thought it was made up. Too funny!

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