Last Sunday’s Playlist: Eddie Vedder

Ok, since I wasn’t able to post my playlist for yesterday, I’m naming my entry “Last Sunday’s Playlist”.

For yesterday, it was all about Eddie Vedder, the solo artist: The man with the “Golden Baritone” voice style. A great singer, awesome guitarist, poetic lyricist, brilliant composer and a human being with a heart of gold.

Vedder, who apparently will go back to the studio with the rest of Pearl Jam within this year, had work outside of Pearl Jam, specifically, his involvement in soundtracks of movies such as “Dead Man Walking”, “I Am Sam” and “I’m Not There”, tributes (for Bob Dylan, Pete Townshend and The Ramones), live collaborations (with Ben Harper, The Who, Sonic Youth and Crowded House) memorials (for Iraq War vets, and the 9/11 Heroes), personal advocacies (for WM3 and Surfers Foundations) and non-musical activities (he is an avid surfer and a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs).


Performing “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” (the Beatles cover, which was part of “I Am Sam”) during a Pearl Jam pre-concert show.


With Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, performing the song Vedder did with Rahat’s father, the great Pakistani musician Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, for the movie “Dead Man Walking”.


In the OST of “I’m Not There”, singing Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”


“I’m One” with The Who


With Ben Harper for the acoustic take on the Pearl Jam song “Indifference”


But it was in 2008 when the world got to know Vedder as a great musical creator. Sean Penn, a fan, long-time friend and the director of the movie “Into The Wild”, tapped him to handle the songs that will help narrate the story of a man who ventured on an adventure of a lifetime. The end result was a collection of folk songs that perfectly complemented the script and showcased his talents outside grunge music; not to mention earned him various nominations from different award-giving bodies and a Grammy win for the song “Guaranteed”.


Official music video for “Guaranteed”


Eddie Vedder is one of those who have survived the ‘90s “rock star tragedies”, thus giving us a chance to enjoy the gift that he continues to offer.

We are indeed privileged.


Performing Cat Stevens’ “Don’t Be Shy”


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