John’s Easter Playlist

A Twitter exchange between John Mayer and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz:

Image of John Mayer from Twitter@johncmayer you are one of my favorite people..need good music to listen to from you. playlist???
@ashsimpsonwentz Maybe I’ll make you and hubby an Easter Sunday iMix?
@johncmayer YES! that would be awesome.
@ashsimpsonwentz @petewentz Happy Easter
@ashsimpsonwentz @petewentz I realize an iMix is not much of a gift. I’ll give you both $9.90 when I see you next.

Here’s John’s list:


Great choices. I love him even more.


Song: “Stay”

Artist: The Blue Nile


Song: “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”

Artist: Travis


Song: “Lay, Lady, Lay”

Artist: Bob Dylan


Song: “Positively Beautiful”

Artist: Lewis Taylor

As expected with any Lewis Taylor song, no video could be found for “Positively Beautiful”, and really, it is such a beautiful song. You can go to Amazon for a preview.


Song: “Altered State

Artist: Teddy Thompson

Couldn’t find the video either, but you can listen to it here. It’s a really nice song.


Song: “Let It Be Me”

Artist: Ray LaMontagne


Song: “Whatever It Takes”

Artist: Ron Sexsmith


Song": “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”

Artist: Neil Young


Song: “Magdalena”

Artist: Danny O’Keefe

Again, no video. Listen here.


Song: “Poses”

Artist: Rufus Wainwright


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