Sunday Playlist: Sentimental

I just came from a 3-day vacation with the fam (by the beach, about 3 hours away from Manila). I loaded up my iPod with music that are suited for a tropical holiday, not knowing that a certain sentimental mood would overwhelm me as soon as I hit the play button.

Here are some of the songs:


Song: “In Demand”

Artist: Texas

This song is about a person who is being wooed back by an ex lover after realizing that she is the love of his life. Happy ending? No. The persona already has someone occupying her heart.

You’re thinking of the way you should’ve held my hand

And all the times you said you didn’t understand

You never had our love written in your plans



Song: “City of Blinding Lights”

Artist: U2

It’s about New York, how the band felt the first time they visited this awesome place; Obama used this song when he announced his candidacy; U2 performed it during the new US president’s inaugural celebration; Oh, and my favorite DJ made an awesome remix, which I’ve secretly kept in my library all these years.

Oh you look so beautiful tonight

Yeah this city of blinding lights



Song: “Gonna Make It”

Artist: Kaskade

In 2004, I was at the lowest point of my life. This was when I turned to music for escape, inspiration, motivation and encouragement. I was introduced to house music by a DJ-friend who loved Kaskade, and this was the song that turned me into a fan.

Coz it feels like I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna make it.

When you spend a little time with me.


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