Race to a Million for Malaria

A few days ago, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) challenged CNN (@cnnbrk)to a race to garner 1M followers at Twitter. Why? Well, it started as a test on the powers of the media network as the most influential company online (If he wins, Kutcher says he will "ding-dong ditch" CNN founder Ted Turner’s house.) But as days passed, it has become much more than just a challenge of egos.

It became a huge phenomenon that companies such as EA Games pledged 10 games to lucky @aplusk followers and a special character on SIMS 3 for the 1,000,000th follower.

Kutcher, on his part, pledged 10K moquito nets to the “Malaria No More” group.

It was quite entertaining to see these tweets:





So who won? Kutcher, because he is, after all, the king of Twitter.




CNN has conceded (it reached it’s millionth mark an hour after Kutcher):





Congratulations to @aplusk and to Malaria No More.




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