Sunday Playlist: Originals

Last Sunday, while nursing a headache, I was listening to a few songs that Jeff Buckley covered. So for my playlist theme, I’m featuring the earlier versions of the covers.



Song: “Lilac Wine”

Artist: Elkie Brooks


Song: “Kick Out the Jams”

Artist": MC5


Song: “All Tomorrow’s Parties”

Artist: Velvet Underground


Song: “Alligator Wine”

Artist: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins


Song: “Back In NYC”

Artist: Genesis


Song: “Be My Husband”

Artist: Nina Simone


Songs: “We All Fall In Love Sometimes” and “Curtains”

Artist: Elton John


Song: “I Know It’s Over”

Artist: The Smiths


Song: “If You See Her, Say Hello”

Artist: Bob Dylan


Song: “Je N’En Connais Pas La Fin”

Artist: Edith Piaf


Song: “Lost Highway”

Artist: Hank Williams


Song: “Nigh Flight”

Artist: Led Zeppelin


Song: “Rock Me Baby”

Artist: BB King


Song: “Strange Fruit”

Artist: Billie Holiday


Song: “The Man That Got Away”

Artist: Judy Garland


Song: “Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai”

Artist: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


And of course…

Song: “Hallelujah”

Artist: Leonard Cohen


It’s amazing to find out that when Jeff does his take, the songs become totally different, close to being Jeff Buckley-owned.


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