JM’s Secret Show

He tweeted about it… about a couple of hours before he started!


His fans had some sort of instant transporters that they immediately flocked at Hotel Cafe in LA last night all prepared with their trusted cameras. Some friends over at MSM were able to catch it and I can’t wait for them to give us a blow-by-blow.




I would’ve loved to be there, because according to an attendee, it was just like the old club days of John — alone, no bodyguards, no roadies to help him set up his gear, unfamiliar songs, covers, intimate banter and his obvious need for approval from the audience regarding his set list… it was just like deja vu…

…except that there were a few paparazzi outside by the entrance.


2 thoughts on “JM’s Secret Show”

  1. I was there – it was a brilliant surprise – Mayer said that he just felt like going out and playing – because it was “all about the music and you guys” he said to the crowd. It was a very special low key gig and very intimate. John was extremely friendly.

    Isabel Valencia – inspired Colombian Rock Singer

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