My Toy

I bought a Nintendo DS Lite to keep me occupied while I await for my first day at my new job… and I’m hooked!


My favorite games:


1) Cooking Mama 1 and 2: I’ve already on my 4th completion of both, and I don’t have any intention of replacing them with new games.




2) Pokemon Platinum: Started with this 2 weeks ago and while I’m getting sick of the “Start Battle” sound, I still go and try to finish one city once in a while.



3) Gardening Mama: Now this is one of my newer games, the goals are easy, but the game seems unending as there are various plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers that need to be tended (or else they’d wilt).



4) Gourmet Chef: I’m done with this, twice, but I’ll start with it again because, unlike Cooking Mama, the recipes are more sophisticated and there’s a storyline to follow.


5) Jojo’s Fashion Show: Again, one with a storyline and pretty easy to do. While I’ve finished it already, I have yet to perfect all shows.


6) CSI: Dark Motives: Whether it’s PC, Mac, Wii or NDS, any CSI game is a must. Unfortunately , this is the only one for the Nintendo, so even if I’ve already solved the entire thing, I am not going to erase it until a new one is released.


7) And all the hidden objects game that I could find. I’m addicted to this that I’m beginning to look for stuff inside my room. Haha. I’m done with the Nancy Drew case, but I’m planning to play it again.





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