Respect and Awareness


At my age, I have come to pin down the 2 things that I have to remember as I try, little by little, to live a life that is right:

1. Respect for others: As I have mentioned in the past, I don’t believe in the saying that “respect is earned”. Everybody deserves to be respected. No, I don’t mean respect for the elders, loved ones and authority… I mean respect for everybody – the person sitting beside you, your helpers, street workers, the wet market vendor, the street children etc. We breathe the same air and stand on the same soil, so no one is above anybody.

Respect given, is respect returned.

2. Awareness of my actions: In the recent months, I have learned that all my actions will have results – and unfortunately, some of them, were not pleasant. While I have yet to muster the courage to write about my traumatic experience at my most recent job, I have already admitted the fact (to this wonderful woman named Yoly Villanueva-Ong of Campaigns and Grey Philippines) that self-awareness is key. Not everyone came from the same mold as mine: A little joke may be funny to me, but may be highly offensive to another person; a smart-ass remark may be deemed insubordinate by a boss; a straight forward approach may be seen as undermining one’s authority/position and so on and so forth.

With these 2, I then protect my name, my family’s reputation, my friends’ disposition and the company which I represent. Wherever I go, people may see me as “SORD, the daughter of A, the friend of B and who works at C”, whether I’m in a mall, at work, in a bar, in another country and even in my own home.

And more importantly, I am seen as human, who lives in a world that deserves to be humanely treated. So I may not be a saint, but at least I can be a good person to others and to myself.


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