It was probably time…

12 years ago, Jeff Buckley was in a different form. He was somewhat positive.

He was no longer being haunted by the past and once again appreciated the group of guys who wanted nothing else but join him as he did what he loved doing. After months of disappointment with the songs he initially recorded, he was able to create stuff that he feels his fans deserve to hear.

He was on his own, and he was loving it. He lived away from NYC, enjoying the anonymity and a feeling of calm.

His little rented house that stood on a quiet Memphis street may not be for someone with his stature, but it was in this simple abode that he accepted the little flaws in his life and that he became aware of the existence of the most beautiful thing he has ever seen: a twinkling star.

With all that has happened to him, for once in his life, he was able to let go of his inhibitions, the ghosts that lurked around him disappeared, replaced by instincts and spontaneity that came in naturally. With his worries long gone, he finally experienced life, without the pressures of the city, the business side of music and the expectations from those who want things that he struggled to give in the past.

He started to embrace life as it was, obviously contented with the world he was in.

He was at that point where in he was relearning to love everything.

He was inspired.

And maybe, just maybe, he was at peace and was savoring that feeling as he waded through the waters of the Wolf River that fateful night.

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley

November 17, 1966 – May 29, 1997

Carry yourself with delight… – JB


Today I finished David Browne’s book “Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley”, yet, I have this urge to re-read it from the very beginning. I still want to write a review about it, but for now, let me first reflect on the things I read. Let me celebrate the life of this extraordinary man who just saw himself as ordinary, this musician who only wanted to share his music, this individual who struggled to be his own person.

What blew me away was the impression that he felt he owed something to us so he worked hard to give what he can give, even if he was going through a personal journey of self-discovery.

Jeff, I’m sure you know by now that you were, and still are, loved; and what you have given us was more than what we deserved.


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