Tomorrow, I officially embark on a journey

No really.

It’s really official, and it is a journey.


While I’ve taken a ship before, it’ll actually be my first time to ride one as an employee. I started my job at a passenger ship company a few weeks back and part of my job is to go around the country to manage events and promos – and tomorrow, as part of my training, I will spend 7 days riding boats, checking out all aspects of the operations and learning the business that I will be contributing to.

Am I excited? I should be. I like my job so far and I love going to different places. Plus, I know that being on a boat will give me a chance to enjoy my time because really, what else can I do for almost one entire day in a vessel?

And the photos! I can’t wait to take new pictures of my beautiful country.


But of course, like how I am whenever I’m about to go on a long trip, I’m anxious – that’s normal, right? Especially if it has been raining the entire day today… yes?

Will write about my experience soon.

Until then… Ciao!


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