It Was Hard Saying Goodbye

Today, our beloved Cory Aquino was laid to rest… and Filipinos all over the world are one with her family in trying to cope with the loss.

Here are a few of the touching words from the people she has embraced:

Fr. Catalino Arevalo, SJ, her spiritual advisor:


Photo by Cheryl Ravelo for Reuters

She was the only true queen our people ever had, and she was (a) queen because we knew she truly held our hearts and in the gentleness and greatness of her own.

She made me proud again to be a Filipino

Kris Aquino-Yap, her daughter:


Photo by John Javellana for AP

You (the Filipino) have given our family honor beyond anything we could ever have hoped to receive, that no matter how great the sacrifices of my parents, I can honestly say to all of you that for my family, the Filipinos are worth it.

Dad (the late Senator, Ninoy Aquino), it’s your turn now. You are her one and only love. Now that you are together again, no matter how painful it is for us to let her go, we were comforted knowing that mom is happy to be reunited with you

It would take a lifetime for us to be okay because we will forever miss you.

Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, Jr., her son:


Photo by Cheryl Ravelo for Reuters

Mom, I really truly believe, without an iota of doubt, that you have truly fought the good fight, that you have finished the course, and that, undoubtedly, you have kept the faith.

Insp. Mel Mamaril, her security escort for 23 years:

Photo by Aaron Favila for AP

One could always feel her compassionate heart for all those in need and in want. She also radiated a deep sense of prayer and devotion that, I believe, was the foundation of her being a person of integrity and uprightness.

(At the end of his speech, Mamaril went near the casket of the former President and saluted her.)

Vivette, my friend, who posted this on my Facebook wall:


Photo from: Definitely Filipino

We will always be thankful to them for making us proud to be filipinos.

Paul Cabral, her favorite designer and a close friend:


Photo by Dennis Sabangan for Reuters

I miss you.

A sign held by an old lady as she waited for the cortege to pass in front of her:


Photo from: Definitely Filipino

Goodbye, our beloved President.

Fidel V. Ramos, her successor and her People Power ally:


Cory Aquino represented the past and the future of our people and led in the direction of a better future for our people.

Jim Paredes, singer/songwriter, People Power Revolution personality:


Photo by Cheryl Ravelo for AFP




Photo by Aaron Favila for AP

May she rest in peace and may she be resurrected in every Filipino.

Gina de Venecia, wife of former Speaker Joe de Venecia, and her good friend:


Photo by Aaron Favila for AP

She was a beacon of hope, a leader who proved that true greatness is found not in power and prestige. Rather, it was rooted in something far deeper. She led and loved with a pure heart from which sprung great humility, goodness, and true moral character.

Rep. Teddy Locsin, former Aquino cabinet member:


Photo by Nat Garcia for AP

I knew then she was the answer to my prayers.

A Tumblr post:


Photo by Yellow Ribbon for President Cory Aquino

Let us not forget to carry on today’s meaningful message. Let us remember.

But perhaps, the most touching part, was something unsaid.

It was when everyone gave a rousing applause as her casket was being wheeled towards the cathedral exit.


Photo by Cheryl Ravelo for Reuters

Tears have been flowing from my eyes the entire day…

because I know that I owe her for giving me the chance to live the way a free person must live.




Photo by Cheryl Ravelo for Reuters

“I am burning the candle of my life in the dark, with no one to benefit from the light. The candle slowly melts away. Soon its wick will burn out, and the light is gone. If only someone will gather the melted wax, reshape it, give it a new wick. For another fleeting moment, my candle can once again light the dark, be of service one more time, and then, goodbye.” – Cory Aquino (1933-2009)


2 thoughts on “It Was Hard Saying Goodbye”

  1. Hi, Thanks for the kind wiords. I just want to correct some of the lyrics you posted:
    I can sense you just out of frame
    and I’ll be reminiscing for the rest of my life
    Never loved anyone
    I never loved anybody but you baby
    Never been lucky baby, I never backed winners
    But I’ll never say never again.
    Thanks again, Mac

    1. Thanks for the reply, Mr. McLagan! And can I just say, I am so honored to get this note from you. Will correct the lyrics of “Never Say Never” in my other post.

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