Honoring the Honor Guards

People may think that being honor guards for an important person’s funeral is an easy task, as it only requires being able to stay by the coffin until the body is laid to rest.

Not if you were one of the 4 individuals assigned to Cory Aquino’s internment.



Photo by Omelettes


Pfc. Antonio Cadiente, Airman 2nd Class Gener Laguindam, Petty Officer 3 Edgardo Rodriguez and PO1 Danilo Maalab, each representing the 3 branches of the Philippine Armed Forces (Philippine Navy, Philippine Army and Philippine Air Force) and the Philippine National Police, stood at attention for more than nine hours, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m last Wednesday, as the cortege made its way to Mrs. Aquino’s final destination.

They didn’t move an inch – not to rest their numbing legs, to answer the call of nature nor to nourish themselves with food.

These 4 individuals, along with those who were assigned during the 4-day wake and the transfer from La Salle to Manila Cathedral, will be given fitting honors themselves for their unwavering display of commitment to their duties —


Cortege from La Salle to the Manila Cathedral

Photo by Primalingeri



Wake at La Salle

Photo by Bullit Marquez for AP


— but for them, just being able to fulfill this task was the most important reward they have received.

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2 thoughts on “Honoring the Honor Guards”

    1. Hey thanks for commenting Barbs. Yeah bilib ako sa kanila. And nice photos, right? I was so into the photos of that week. Ang gaganda, full of emotions.

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