“Never Say Never”

Ever since I started in my new job, I’ve been neglecting one of greatest passions: MUSIC.

So it’s really a great treat to be able to post a song that I have just “discovered” (quotation marks convey the “I think I lost my radar” feeling) recently. Tonight, I’m happy to report that due to a recent John Mayer concert, I found one song which was performed, not by him, but by musical legend Ian McLagan (who used to be part of the group “The Faces”), accompanied by Steve Jordan (of JM3) and a few others.

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Song: “Never Say Never”

Album: “Never Say Never”

Artist: Ian McLagan and the Bump Band

I can here you calling my name
Or somebody’s whispering
That sounds like you
I can see you standing in the shade
The sun is glistening
And it’s blinding my view
I can feel your touch on my face
I remember kissing you
For the first time I can sense you just out of frame
and I’ll be reminiscing for the rest of my life
Never loved anyone
I never loved anybody but you baby
Never been lucky baby, I never backed winners
But I’ll never say never again.

*Lyrics updated based on Mr. McLagan’s, ehem, comment found on one of my posts.

Here’s a video of Ian’s performance of the said song which he released in 2008:

I love the song, the simplicity of the lyrics and the heavy feeling behind the words.

I could feel the pain in his voice as he dedicated it to his late wife.


“She is my shining light and always will be. Her life was a testament to love and healing and everyone who met her felt the glow from this warm, loving and giving being. She means everything to me but I know we’ll be together again in a better place. She is a flower and a dream, and finally the Angel she always was…Her family and friends are spread all over the world but the outpouring of love for her is just a reflection of the love she gave. She said, “You get what you give” and as always she’s absolutely right.

Kim is an Angel, finally.”

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