My Childhood

A few minutes ago, I encountered the name, “Tower of London”. Of course we all know that this is a famous structure in the UK, but for a split-second, I was reminded of Popeye.

Yes, Popeye.

Let’s see if I got this correct: Olive Oyl and Popeye both went on a vacation to London and while they were at the Tower, the crown jewels disappeared. With the given reward, they decided to look for it, with Bluto on their tail, as he planned to overtake them and get the reward all to himself.  In the end, the crown jewels were found and given to the heir, a little kid who disguised himself as the phantom, a mythical creature who supposedly guarded the treasure.

I think I got it right…  I probably did because my memory works when it comes to trivial matters like cartoons.

Anyway, this was an episode of the 1980s show called “Popeye’s Treasure Hunt”. I somehow remember the opening credits, with Popeye and Olive across the map (literally, believe me), and Bluto giving them trouble everywhere they went.


Are you a kid of the 80s? Yes? How’s that for a trip down memory lane?

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