My favorite Microsoft Office Fonts

Weird post, right? Typefaces…

and I don’t mean the creative, artsy ones.

I have 3 favorite fonts, all being part of the Humanist group (imitating the letterings on manuscript during medieval times, thus the name).

So here goes…

1. Tahoma


When the Microsoft 2007 was released together with my Windows Vista-operated laptop, I thought the Calibri was what I like most. Apparently, I became fixated with the font that has existed even during the Microsoft 1995 days.

2. Verdana


See? Very much similar with the Tahoma, but just a little bit rounder. And yes, they are from the same batch. But I only started liking it a month ago, probably because this was the mandated typeface that we have to use in all our office documents.

Both the Tahoma and the Verdana are part of the Humanist Sans-Serif family.

3. Segoe Print


Now, this is not a sans-serif typeface, but a a Humanist, still. Segoe Print is a member of the Segoe font group that Microsoft uses for all of their official documents and newsletters. I would normally use it for my electronic signatures, watermarks and informal letters done via Microsoft Word.

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