My 5K Fun Run

I joined the Milo National Marathon Manila Leg 5K Fun Run (my 2nd this year – yes, yes, me. I know, right?) This was a different experience for me because for the first time, I’m participating in that said event, instead of helping mount it.


I wasn’t checking the routes for flags, I was inside the runners’ area to wait for my turn. Here are the 21K runners getting ready.


I wasn’t with people wearing organizers’ uniforms, but with those wearing singlets that seem to talk to me (“You can do it!”)


I wasn’t preparing the trophies, I was trying to wing the category I’m in.


I wasn’t under the sun, waiting for the winners to be announced, I crossed the line myself.


I wasn’t counting the certificates to be distributed, I actually received one for clocking in before the cut-off.

Being able to mount an event like this is pretty fulfilling, but hey, successfully running the entire course, even if it’s just 5 kilometers, is definitely much sweeter.


4 thoughts on “My 5K Fun Run”

  1. honey, you only call it a marathon if you ran the 42km. please do not claim that this is your 2nd marathon for the year if you only did 5km (eyes rolling)

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